Blend Highlight: No Worries & Breathe

Anxiety! It seems to run high these days in our children; from separation anxiety to peer pressure, homework, tests, and team sports, family life, life in general or it has become part of your child's personality and temperament.  What I do know is that at some point in their life, a child has experienced some form of anxiety.

I was an anxious child who became a worried adult.  I then I had a baby and had severe Postpartum Anxiety afterward. I know how bad it can get and my aim is to aid children in self-care now instead of long term suffering and years of therapy.

I have created a blend called "No Worries" for the child that experiences anxiety and a blend called "Breathe"  for acute anxiety and panic attacks.

No Worries is a blend to calm children's nerves and bring them back to a state of balance and calm. This is a blend of Geranium, (the most prominent oil known to alleviate fear and anxiety) Vetiver (earthy and grounding) Bergamot (uplifting mood enhancer), Lavender (all round relaxant, reducing emotional stress) and Clary Sage ( calming tension and stress).

"Breathe" is a blend that needs a stronger dose of calm, working on the emotional and physical state that come with panic attacks...heart palpitations, hot sweats, cold sweats, overwhelming waves of fear and claustrophobia to name a few.  I made a blend for my good friend who has fight or flight anxiety disorder, and she always forgot to breathe. Now she remembers!

This is a blend containing of my favorite oils for persistent anxiety. This oil allows us to surrender, nourishing both the heart and the soul. It soothes the deepest forms of anxiety and brings us back to peace. Frankincense is added to calm and center the mind with its gentle tranquilizing effects. And Geranium of course, and I've added two grounding oils; Vetiver and Patchouli. Patchouli adds grounding and stability to the over-active mind. Wild Orange raises the vibration up to a dash of happy and calm at the same time,

Nature is a powerful healer and having powerful essential oils to aid the balancing of a child's emotional health is a blessing.  But that is only part of the package: with that, it is key to repeat the affirmations with each application. The mind/scent connection is a powerful one to help create a strong pattern of inner strength and empowerment in your child's mind and body.

No More Worries Affirmation:  I am calm and centered. I trust that all is well. 

Breathe Affirmation:  I breathe in calm, having faith that all is well.