Finding Safety in The Midst of Chaos

Blend Highlight: Safe & Sound

I have a first-hand experience what it is like to have an unstable foundation growing up. I moved almost every year of my life, changed schools just as much, and had a chaotic and dysfunctional family life.

In my family, the alcoholic was the eye of the storm, and when it raged we ran for cover. My identity and needs were lost, unheard and unseen in the constant inner pain of my dad, overshadowing all of us.

Of course, my example is at one end of the scale in intensity, but a child can feel unsafe from even the mildest disruption to their lives.  Personality and temperament are also a factor.

Examples of elements that can contribute to a child feeling unsafe could be moving from one grade to the next with new teachers and new routines,  moving to a new house or a new town, having family members move away, or having their parents separating or divorcing.

Another element, more subtle but just as powerful, is your child's reaction to your own emotional template. Children are highly sensitive and when they are young they do not have safeguards like discernment in place. This awareness is not present to let them know if they are feeling unsafe because of an external event (unless there is a blatant one) or because of the feelings and emotions of the adults around them.

Children from birth to around age 6 have no discernment filter. They are like sponges and they conform and respond to the emotional templates of those they are closest to emotionally and physically.

By using this blend, you are giving the child or children in your life the ability to re-build a strong emotional foundation. The essential oil of Rose calms and supports the heart, restoring a sense of well-being, adding peaceful comfort. Palmarosa aids in transitioning through change, lending an ability to be adaptable while also giving a strong feeling of security.

When your child(ren) repeats the affirmation with the application of the oil blend, they are creating a new neural pathway in their brain that will turn into a strong belief the more they repeat it. It will then become a solid belief in their subconscious mind, giving them the sense of stability they need to get through life in an empowered way.

I am safe and secure in every situation. I move through change with ease.