Stomping Mad?

Blend Highlight: Stomping Mad
Express instead of Repress! & Releasing in safe and healthy ways.

Anger is an emotion that has got a bad rap. Whatever belief we were brought up with determines how we express and feel about anger and not all of those beliefs are healthy!

How many of you were brought up to suppress your anger? That it is shameful to "lose control" of your emotions? Were you ever told to " hold your temper!"?

In my family anger meant violence and I grew up being afraid of being angry.  It took me a long time to be able to express my anger in healthy ways, understanding that it isn't a bad thing. It is natural and normal to feel anger and to express it.

The key is expressing it in healthy ways.  Society tends to shy away from angry people, and especially angry children. Both are judged for losing their sh$t! We haven't been taught a natural process of releasing or even seeing it as a natural process.

Learning to feel angry and accept your feeling and allowing it to flow through you is key to healthy expression.  As parents, we tend to want to stop the tantrum at all costs...mostly to preserve our own sanity!

Teaching our children to express their anger in healthy ways will go a long way for their ability to cope in the world when things don't go their way.

I have created Stomping Mad to help teach children to acknowledge their anger, feel it and work through it. Just having the awareness of their anger and accepting it as a process to work through will help them thrive when the going gets tough.

The Essential Oil of Chamomile helps calm and soothe their frayed nerves, Bergamot instills patience with themselves or the situation at hand, and Lavender adds a healing balm for their heart.

Affirmation:  I take a deep breath and release it saying: I know that I am mad and I express it in healthy ways.