How Kids Sense Blends Empower Your Child

I thought I would share the science behind my blends so that you will be able to assist your child or the children in your life with their self-empowerment.

My blends are not just about using the healing qualities of essential oils, even though they are wonderful healing resources from nature, but are about helping to build empowered emotional foundations in children. Just what does that mean? Our brains have neuro-plasticity.

The dictionary's definition is as follows: "the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury." So this means, loosely, that our brains and are capable of creating new belief patterns by our own choice.

What does this mean for your child or the children in your life? It means that they have the ability to reprogram their belief systems. Each of my blends has an affirmation along with the essential oils that match each emotional issue. There are three actions that take place when the blends are used: The action of rolling or spraying the blend, smelling the blend and repeating the affirmation. With each repetition, the brain creates stronger neural pathways.

How is a Neural Pathway Formed?

This Website Gives An Easy Definition

An Example:

Have you ever heard a song that reminded you of a moment or event in your life and every time you hear it, it reminds you once more? This is a neural pathway in your brain connecting the song to an emotional memory.

 If you didn't want that memory to come up each time you heard that same song, you would have to "over-write" it.  You would overwrite it by playing the song on purpose and doing something neutral or fun so that overlays your old memory with this new one. 

The affirmations on my blends help to create new neural pathways or over-write dis-empowered or negative pathways.

Make Sense? 

Any questions, send me an email and I will be happy to assist you!