Empowering Our Children to Succeed in Life

How many limiting beliefs do you have right now as an adult? Don't you wish you could have had them erased when you were a child instead of carrying them around now like heavy baggage? Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, negative self-talk, pessimism...and the list goes on.

Knowing what children need now is a gift. We can reflect and see how damaging negative and limiting beliefs have on their happiness and their ability to be successful in life..whatever that may mean to them.

The creation of Kids Sense was to help my son and help other children heal those wounds now -instead of when they are adults. The combination of blending healing oils with an affirmation compounds the re-training of those negative beliefs in the mind. Smell + Affirmations + Healing Essential Oils = a powerful re-training of beliefs when done on a regular basis.

Speaking the affirmations aloud is ideal as the vibration of our voice also vibrates within us, creating change at a cellular level. I will explain more about this in my Soul Sense post

So, if your child is struggling with issues of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, fears, get them to roll on some Kids Sense today and begin to re-program their minds and lives towards empowerment!