The Blends

How They Work:

Each blend comes with an affirmation. By using the healing oils with this affirmation, the action creates new neural pathways that connect the scent to the empowering words in the brain.

This reprograms the subconscious mind, paving the way to building a healthy, empowered and balanced foundation in their psyche.

The oils themselves are chosen for their healing qualities to match each emotional issue. By being able to pick a blend to help them through their feelings, Children are taking charge of their own emotional health.


A Blend for Displaced Children

This essential oil blend is for the child who experiences anxiety tied with a sense of not feeling safe and secure in new or changing environments. This blend helps them find loving internal support. The essential oil of Rose calms and supports the heart, restoring a sense of well-being with peaceful comfort. Palmarosa aids in transitioning through change, helping with adaptability and gives a feeling of security. Like Rose, it centers and comforts the heart and mind. Affirmation: Safety is found within me.  

A Blend for Loss and Sorrow.

This essential oil blend is for the child who feels deep loss connected with a sense of isolation. It is to help release the loss and find healing. This could mean a loss of a loved one, a pet, friends or moving to a new location. They have the feeling of being sad and alone that comes with the change or loss. The essential oil of Marjoram is a self-nurturing and balancing oil that helps with the acceptance of deep loss and gives a peaceful sense of comfort. Lemon essential oil lightens the spirit promotes acceptance and helps release the mind from worry and negativity. Apply to wrists or back of neck and repeat: the Affirmation: I breathe out my sadness and heal my heart. 


This blend is a hug of self-love and self-acceptance. It is for all children as it is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. For children who have issues of low self-esteem, this blend is needed! It is infused with the essential oil of Rose, the emotional wound healer, filling our heart up with a sense of peace and self-acceptance. Apply to wrists and repeat: Affirmation: I love and accept myself.   


This blend is to help your child believe that they are Enough just as they are. Their worth is incomparable! They are children of the earth and they have their own unique light to shine. This blend contains Spikenard, a powerful oil for nourishing both their heart and soul and instills a profound sense of peace. It helps to release negative thoughts and replace them with loving acceptance & compassion. Marjoram promotes self-nurturing, Palmarosa gives a sense of security, Rose adds that essence of self-love and Neroli instills comfort and strength. Affirmation: Stand up tall & say 'I AM ENOUGH!'


Courage is not the absence of fear but it is acting in spite of it ~ Mark Twain. Whether it be speaking your truth, standing up to a bully, learning to ride a bike, or trying something new, courage is what we need. The courage of a lion is within all of us, but sometimes we need a little encouragement to bring it out. Lion's Roar is full of essential oils to give you a boost of confidence: Orange motivates you, Pine and Cypress fortify your resolve, and Ginger gives you a sense of purpose and determination to move through your fear. Affirmation: I am confident and courageous.


Every Child has a Genius and this blend is for the child with the 'Quantum Mind': The thinker at high speed. Vetiver essential oil brings a grounding energy and helps to slow the pace of the spinning mind. Patchouli grounds and restores awareness of the body senses. Lemon Essential oil lightens the mind, refreshing the overworked brain cells. When applying, teach your child to say the affirmation with it to create a new belief system in their neural pathways. Apply to wrists or back of neck and repeat: Affirmation: I have a Genius! My mind works in magnificent ways!


This blend is for the child with night-time fears or fear of any kind. Geranium essential oil is the oil for anxiety and fear. It bestows a feeling of calm strength and security while Lavender essential oil tampers down the overactive imagination and soothes the mind. Roll-on: Apply to wrists or bottom of the feet, Spray: Spray 2 feet above child's head or in child's room and repeat: Affirmation: I AM stronger than my fears!


This blend is for the child who has been labeled on the Autism Spectrum. These Children are shining stars yet misunderstood souls. This blend is to help calm their inner turmoil, agitated mind, and body, helping to decompress the built-up energy of distress and anxiety from external stimulus. The oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Chamomile & Cedarwood help to relax, ground and soothe them while Mandarin gives them a sense of joy, peace, and calm. Apply to bottom of feet, on the back of their neck or wrists and repeat: Affirmation: I am calm and centered.      

A Blend for Optimism & Gratitude

Happy Dance is just what it says! This blend is full of citrus joy! The oils of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon enliven the spirit and boost mood up as bright as the sunshine! This is a great blend to give your child a boost of liquid joy and optimism when they are down in the dumps or in a negative mood. Affirmation: I count my blessings. I am happy! 


No Worries is a blend to calm children's anxiety and bring them back to a state of balance and
calm. This is a blend of Geranium - the most prominent oil known to alleviate fear and anxiety, Vetiver-a wonderful earthy and grounding oil, Bergamot - an uplifting mood enhancer, Lavender -an emotional stress reducer and Clary Sage for calming tension and stress. Apply to wrists, back of neck or bottom of the feet and repeat: Affirmation: I breathe deeply and trust that all is well.


This blend is to help clear the build-up of energetic emotions of highly empathic children. Without realizing it, some children absorb the emotions of others and then get overwhelmed. It is also for the child who has a high level of empathy(compassion) and takes on the responsibility for another's happiness which increases their own stress. This blend contains Pine, to help release the sense of responsibility for another's well-being, Clary Sage, an emotional balancer that releases anger and frustration, stress and anxiety. Lemongrass is a powerful cleanser of negative and toxic energy and Neroli calms and soothes mental and emotional distress. Spray 2 feet above child's head or in child's space. Affirmation: I release all yucky energy. I am refreshed!