Our Story

"When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you. A joy. "


Along came a fork in the road...

One day in early March of 2017, I was introduced to a line of essential oils by a good friend of mine. She made me a blend in a cute little roll-on bottle. I felt a stirring in my soul. Seeing my excitement,  She said to me, "Imagine what you can do to help the children you want to empower!"

Have you heard of "Divine Timing?" Well, this was it! I was overwhelmed with excitement as the idea immediately took root and bloomed at quantum speed. For the next few weeks, my head was in the clouds - the clouds of creativity, excitement, and possibilities.

I was just finishing up a specialized course (Adventures in Wisdom) in Empowering Children through mentoring and this fit in perfectly with my passion for assisting children in learning to live by their own inner compass.

Working with essential oils again awakened one of my long-time passions: I discovered the healing properties of essential oils in my early twenties on my journey of self-discovery. Since then, I have used them in my daily life here and there -- now even more so for my son. I made sprays to help him settle down at night, I put lavender in his bath. This was an easy and fun flow to making blends for other children as well. It felt like something woke up in me that was long at rest. Somewhere inside, a dormant alchemist had lay waiting for this day.

I am so passionate about self-empowerment, in adults and children. For the adults, I love to teach them that they have the ability to change their lives by changing the way they think, and the program for children does the same thing. It is so amazing!!

Helping others on their path to healing and empowerment is who I am and I love to do it!

For me, these are just not topical blends that smell good. Nature is our healer, and by learning from it and respecting what it has to share with us, we can work to heal ourselves. But that isn't all. There is a scientific element behind the healing blends I make.

Science has finally caught up with the power we have to heal ourselves by changing ourselves at a cellular level.

When the children use these blends, they are meant to say an affirmation to go along with it. Each blend is dedicated to a difficult emotion that a child may be having a challenge with. From a loss of a loved one to moving to a new school to having anxiety to being afraid of the dark or even having the need to self-soothe from anger or sadness.  When they apply the blend, they say the affirmation and by repetition, they will create a connection from the scent to the affirmation; reinforcing this new belief in their neural pathways.

I believe that we need to support our children now, to learn how to be leaders in their own lives now so that they can be all that they can be without limitations!

This is our story...because I share it with my son. He is my heart and my soul and I do this for him and every other child that needs it now.

So the fork was a good metaphor, but the tongs are running parallel to my passions and I am ever so grateful. Thank you for visiting. 

About Me: 

I have had a life-long desire to help others be empowered in their lives. To me, this means having healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. When you can trust in yourself and have the answers you seek by going within and addressing your own intuition, you remove all limits to what you can be and do in life.  I am an avid seeker of knowledge and love learning. I have spent most of my adult life on a quest to learn about how I can heal myself and how to utilize the power of our mind as a tool for transformation and empowerment. I have recently added Quantum Physics to the mix, as this branch of science is finally connecting to the power our mind has on self-healing and creating the reality we desire.  

My desire avalanched into the empowerment of children after I had my son. When he started school, his self-confidence began to melt away. He would come home from school and spit out beliefs that he did not get from home. "I am stupid, I am not smart, I am bad" to name a few. I was horrified that I had no control over the beliefs he was accepting into his consciousness from the outside world. It was a direct contrast to the encouragement and positive talk he received at home. I felt helpless. How could I compete with the outside world's influence on his sense of self-worth?

I already had a high compassion level for children who couldn't express their own voice---
In my past, I  had worked as a helper in a few daycares and I felt naturally compelled to help the children feel good about themselves. I could see the light in them; the pure life, joy, and innocence that only a child can have. I found that the demands and criticism of the children ran high in these places and the state of the children's spirits was left at the whim of the personalities of the teachers. Children who were different than the status quo had an even more challenging time as they were labeled which limited others to see them for who they were and the gifts they had.