Welcome to Kids Sense: Building Empowered Emotional Foundations in Children

My goal is to teach parents and caregivers to help children take charge of their emotional well-being. As an Empowerment Coach, I am passionate about building strong emotional foundations in Children so that they can be the leaders that they are all meant to be in life.  This does not mean they are all leaders in a career field, but leaders for themselves; being able to check in to their own inner compass to make their decisions and draw from this foundation to reflect their own values.

Children today need more support than ever as this generation's emotional well-being are hidden behind smart phone screens, as well as the continuing rise of children requiring special support and accommodations in life.

I am a student of metaphysics and a student of quantum physics. These two have finally seen eye to eye when it comes to understanding the effect of thoughts and emotions have on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is an exciting time in the world!

From the works of Dr. Bruce Lipton & Dr. Dawson Church.. the understanding of Epigenetics, Dr. Candace Pert with Molecules of Emotion, and Dr. Joe Dispenza explaining how we can change our brain and change our lives. There are more and if you are interested in exploring, visit my other site and the list of books I have posted there.

I am making blends for all types of emotional situations and am also working on blends for special needs. I don't like labels because they limit the genius within every child, but they will address their needs with a dynamic and empowering label.  I will also do custom orders specific to your child, as every child is unique and special in their own way.

Have an Empowering Day!