Why The Chameleon?

Why The Chameleon?

The Chameleon wasn't my first choice for a logo but in my search, it kept popping up and catching my eye. I have learned to follow what flows and I knew after I read the meaning and symbolism of a chameleon that it was the perfect fit!

Here is what I uncovered:

The chameleon can change its colors at will, and this could make it seem deceptive, but instead, many cultures see this as a trait that better relates to individualism. The idea that the chameleon bends to its own will reflects the way that people can change themselves at will if they put the effort that is needed into the change.

The chameleon knows what it needs to survive, and so do people, even if what they need is not obvious at first. Because of this animal’s color-changing ability, it makes a great symbol of change. Also, since the chameleon can change based on its moods, it makes a wonderful symbol for emotion.

Further, the chameleon reminds us that we are our best barometer. Meaning, our internal intuition and instinct is our natural gauge. When we check in with this internal gauge - really listen to our inner knowing - then we can adjust our energy to achieve homeostasis, relief, security, healthy personal expression and more. Thank you, chameleon, for serving as a marvelous metaphor for this profound ability inherent within each of us!

Key Words: Insight, Change, Stability, Perception, Resourcefulness 

And so, I am pleased to have the chameleon as the symbol of helping children and teens take charge of their own emotional states and empower themselves!

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